.: Recent events

Xuefei performed in China : a solo recital at Beijing's Forbidden City Concert Hall; and a concert with cellist Wang Jian at Shanghai's Summer Festival.  

The Shanghai concert was held in a brand new concert hall in the centre of Shanghai - this being the second ever concert in the venue.   

Enjoy the pictures below !  

Last updated: 3rd August  2011

.: July 2011

Forbidden City Concert Hall 

Xuefei at a press conference, prior to the concert day ... 

... attended by the press, ....  

.. and Chinese television.

Promotional posters on the door of the concert venue. 

The Forbidden City Concert Hall ... 

.. set in the beautiful gardens .... 

.. containing many ornately decorated buildings. 

On stage in the Forbidden City Hall. 

Receiving a bouqet at the end of the concert.

Promotional poster for CD's, in Chinese !.

Xuefei signs autographs for fans ...

... of all ages.

Shanghai Summer Festival 

Rehearsing on-stage with Wang Jian ... 

... in a brand-new concert hall.

Interviewed by local media, as a duo ...

... and individually.

The performer's view out from the stage out into the auditorium.

Promotional poster for the Summer Festival in Shanghai.